English Course from the British Council



Course content

This content has been created for emerging young professionals and entrepreneurs, and is based on business vocabulary, common phrases, and useful structures, which are intended to equip the user to communicate in both international and professional contexts.

Each unit has a contemporary, real-life focus on new developments in the world of work, and also offers advice from recognized professional experts in business skills and professional careers.

All content is provided by partners who number top start-ups, universities, and creative companies.

Functionality and interactions

The English Channel curates the best of professional and entrepreneurial content from our partners who lead in the field and through these presents authentic, real examples of the English language in use, as well as real-world business and career tips.

Viewers interact with these videos and, through exercises created by our experts, enhance their language skills and aid their retention of the actionable content.

Videos in the course units have been chosen for both their suitability as language presentation contexts and for their relevant content for users who wish to examine different business and entrepreneurial strategies

In this twenty-hour course, the twenty units complement the videos and interactive content found within the learning packs.

As the course progresses, new language is introduced, and previous language revised, ensuring that the content of lessons is easy to recall and use.

Learning outcomes

This is an English for specific purposes course in a professional-skills context, combined with interactive pedagogy and authentic content, taking the user from A2 to B1 in terms of language use and skills-development.

Each unit has a contemporary, real-life focus on new developments in the world of work, as well as offering advice from recognized professional experts in business skills.

After each unit, users will find their vocabulary and command of key structures growing in sophistication.

By the end of the course, users will have significantly developed their language skills, and will be able to speak confidently about the modern world of work and their own ambitions and plans for career progress.


To register for the course go to the website http://www.creotalents.com and select British Council resources.