International scientific-practical conference “PROBLEMS OF MULTILINGUALISM IN MULTI-ETHNIC SPACE”

This year, the whole world celebrates the 250th anniversary of the famous German natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt, who is rightfully called today “the first great organizer of science” and “the first theorist of globalization.” The great importance that Alexander von Humboldt contributed to the study of languages ​​- he spoke several languages, including the main European languages ​​- that makes his personality interesting for philologists as well.

The Department of Foreign Philology of the Faculty of Philology of L.N.Gumilyov ENU together with the Department of Germanic Studies of the Ruhr University, Germany, the Department of Romance-Germanic Linguistics and Foreign Literature of M. Akmullah BSPU and the Department of Speech and Communication Theory at MSLU on November 27-28, 2019, tends to held an international scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 250th anniversary of Alexander von Humboldt on the following topic: “PROBLEMS OF MULTILINGUALISM IN MULTI-ETHNIC SPACE”.

The main directions of the conference:

– The role of Alexander von Humboldt in the development of global science

– Philosophical, ethnopsychological and ethno-linguistic aspects of the dialogue of cultures

– Kazakhstan and its multilingual space: condition and prospects

– Multilingual issues in the EU countries

– Topical terminology issues

– Language, culture, consciousness: contemporary interdisciplinary research

– Kazakh and foreign literature: comparative aspects

– Innovation in Interconnected Language Learning

We invite to participate philological scholars, scientists in the natural sciences and humanities, teachers of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, specialists in the field of education, culture and science. The participation of foreign experts and scientists dealing with the problems of linguodidactics in the context of multilingualism, as well as the development of cultural diversity in society, is welcomed.

Form of participation: full-time.

Conference working languages: Kazakh, Russian, English, German, French.

Materials will be published in a special collection to the beginning of the conference, as well as in electronic version posted on the website of the university.

The registration fee – 4000 tenge – includes the publication of a collection of the conference, a certificate and a folder of the participant

Applications for participation are accepted until November 10, 2019 at (marked “Conference”) or Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, K.Munaytpasova St, 11, L.N.Gumilyov ENU, Faculty of Philology, Department of Foreign Philology, room 222.

Telephone for information: 8 (7172) 709-500 (ext. 32-318), contact person – Markhaba Smagulova (8 701 999 73 86).


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