«Ualikhanov readings – 22»

On the 27 th of April, 2018 in Kokshetau Sh.Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University holds traditional International scientific-practical conference «Ualikhanov readings – 22». The conference will cover topical issues of different branches of science in the following sections and subsections:

1. Study of Ualikhanov’s works;

2. History, Geography and Ethnology;

3. Philosophy, Political Science and sociology;

4. General pedagogy;

5. Leveled advanced training courses of teachers : the role of updating the content of education;

6. Psychology;

7. Natural and applied sciences:

·    Physics and methods of teaching physics;

·    Mathematics and methods of teaching mathematics;

·    Informatics and methods of teaching informatics;

·    Chemistry and methods of teaching chemistry;

·    Biology and methods of teaching biology;

8. Philology:

·    Kazakh;

·    Russian;

·    Foreign;

9. History of Art;

10. Economics;

11. Agricultural Sciences;

12. Technical sciences;

13. Energetics;

14. law;

15. Ecology and environmental management;

16. Tourism and sport.

Conference proceedings will be published in a scientific collection. E-mail will be sent to the organizing committee shokan_ualixan22@mail.ru until March 31, 2018. Please send text (file name: № sections and subsections, author, first name, for example: 6.2_Bakeneev_article) request for publication of the article (application form); the payment document.

Authors who do not have a degree, make a review of articles signed by a doctor or PhD (in scanned form, format .jpg). Submitted before the deadline in the complaint by the organizing committee. Materials received after the deadline or not drawn in accordance with the requirements will not be considered and will not be returned. Student work are not considered.

The costs associated with the arrival at the conference shall be covered by the participants and the sending organization.


Information letter