International scientific and practical conference on the theme «Innovative economy and humanization of society: the global world and Kazakhstan»

Institute of Science Committee of Economy, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan 20 May 2017 of the International scientific and practical conference on the theme «Innovative economy and humanization of society: the global world and Kazakhstan», devoted to the 70th anniversary of the birth of NIA RK, Doctor of Economics, professor Sabden Orazaly Sabdenovich.

The conference program includes two sessions:

Session 1 – Innovative Economy: Global Challenges and New Challenges:

·        Methodology for forecasting innovative development of the economy;

·        Globalization and economic priorities in a new changing world;

·        Socio-cultural aspects of the innovation economy;

·        Future energy and green economy;

·        Regional development and growth points of the innovation economy;

·        Global governance and security of national economies.

Session 2 – Humanization as a factor of harmonization and optimizing the development of society:

·        Fundamental problems of the emerging global outlook;

·        philosophical concept of planetary thinking;

·        Institutional Reforms and Civil culture;

·        national identity and the revival of spiritual and cultural values;

·        historical aspects of humanization societies and;

·        new approaches to the humanization Of modern Educational space;

·        The humanitarian belt of the Silk Road.

Famous domestic and foreign scientists, university workers, representatives of state authorities, business, international and non-governmental organizations, and the public will take part in the conference.

Application for participation in the conference and abstracts of up to 5 p. Typesetting 1 interval must be submitted before 10 April 2017. On paper and in the electronic version. The cost of publishing a single thesis of the report is 4 000 tenge.


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