International scientific-practical conference “Auezov readings – 15: scientific-innovation and social-economic development of Kazakhstan: new conceptions and modern decisions”

Country: Republic of Kazakhstan
Venue: Shymkent, Tauke Khan Ave. 5
Date: 13-14 April, 2017
Organizer: M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University
Sections of the conference are:

1. Mukhtar Omarkhanuly Auezov – as triumpher of Kazakh national culture;

2.   Constitutional reforms – turning stage in the history of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

3.   History of “People of the Great steppe”: current problems and new opinions. 

4.   Renewable energy, resource- and energy-saving technologies within the framework of the international exhibition EXPO-2017;

5.   Development prospects of textile industry in the light of realization of the program SPIID – 2;

6.   Modern trends in the development of mining and chemical technology, silicate materials and metallurgy, nanotechnology;

7.   Food engineering and biotechnology;
8. The development ways of agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan;  

9.   Current problems of construction, mechanical engineering and transport;

10.    Life safety and environmental protection;

11.    Theoretical and applied research in the field of physical and mathematical sciences, IT- technology and industry automation;

12.    The social-economic development prospects of the regions in conditions of industrial and innovative development;

13. Psychological-professional training of the future pedagogue to innovative activity in the field of education;

14. Problems of modern linguistics and literary criticism in conceptual aspect;

15. Sport-fitness aspects of education and development of a competitive person. 

To participate in the conference are invited professors and lecturers, researchers of universities and research institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries with significant results of research on the conference topics.

Conference languages​​: Kazakh, Russian and English.


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