“NTC “Parasat” JSC is ready to consider the possibility of cooperation as a co-investor in the contest of the project” Promoting productive innovations”

Under the terms of the contest “Promoting productive innovations” project the existence of a co-investor and customer for technologies is a big plus when considering the application, as it is obligatory commercialization specialist to participate in each study group.

“NTC” Parasat” JSC is ready to consider the possibility of cooperation as a co-investor in the framework of sectoral focus of the company, as well as in the preparation of preliminary applications for these grants, in terms of assistance and expertise in the commercialization, research of potential technology customers, etc.

If you are interested in this offer, if you plan to participate in this contest, please provide in the period until August 15, a brief application of each project with a view to the possibility of participation of “NTC” Parasat” JSC as a co-investor or partner. Application form is given in Appendix №1. We ask you to provide information in full, be borne in mind that the absence of some items is not necessarily an obstacle to the realization of the idea. Confidentiality of the information provided is guaranteed.

If you are interested, please contact the Department of Technology Commercialization of the ENU by phone +7 (7172) 709493, 709500 (ext .: 31-415, 31-315, 31-334) – Commercialization department, office 313, teaching and administrative (main) building.

* We also inform that the acceptance of applications for participation in the competition of the project “Promoting productive innovations” is extended until 31 August 2016.

Additional information on the website www.fpip.kz;

Contact persons on grants:

Sartbayev Murat Maksutovich – 87017840851

Mazhkenov Serik Kayrollinovich – 87765280119

Aitken Yernur Mysyrovich – 87015203577

Madhalykov Sanat Kaerbekovich – 87474824170

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