Twelfth International Conferenceon Application of Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing (ICAFS-2016)

August  29-30, 2016, Vienna, Austria.

The  International  Conference  on  Application  of Fuzzy  Systems  and  Soft  Computing  ICAFS,  is organized every other year with the aim of bringing together  scientists,  engineers  and  practitioners  to exchange  up-to-date  knowledge  and  experience  in the applications of technologies of Fuzzy and Soft Computing.  This  year, the  twelfth  ICAFS-2016  is being held in Vienna, Austria.

The  sessions  will  focus  on  the  applications  of methods  of  Fuzzy  Sets  and  Soft  Computing  in science, industry, financial engineering, metallurgy, system  of  systems  engineering,  energy  systems, economy  and  business,  health  and  medicine. However,  applications  to  other  related  areas  are also  welcome. 

Papers describing original work in, but not limited to the following research areas are welcome:

1.  Computational Intelligence based Hybrid Systems

2.  Decision Theory with Imperfect Information

3.  Granular Computing

4.  Neuro-Fuzzy Technology

5.  Image Processing with Soft Computing

6.  Soft Computing for System of Systems Engineering

7.  Fuzzy and Soft Computing Based Control Systems

8.  Intelligent Robots

9.  Fuzzy Databases and Data Mining

10.  Intelligent Information Systems

11.  Evolutionary Computation

12.  Chaotic Systems

13.  Multi-Agent Systems

14.  Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing in earth sciences

15.  Soft Computing in industrial engineering

16.  Soft Computing in financial engineering

17.  Soft Computing in medicine and biomedical engineering

18.  Fuzzy Logic in business and economics

19.  Soft Computing in Social and Educational Sciences

English  will  be  the  official  language  of  the conference.

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