Those who wish to publish research papers in international scientific journal «International Scientific and Practical Conference «WORLD SCIENCE»

International Scientific Journal (International Scientific and Practical Conference «WORLD SCIENCE») – a multidisciplinary scientific peer-reviewed publication of Open Access (registered in UAE), offers the opportunity to publish scientific articles.

Articles are published on the results of international scientific conferences and indexed in the RISC data (reference to the magazine profile) and Google Scholar.

Authors receive:

·         the status of the international scientific conference participant, which is confirmed by the relevant certificate;

·         Scientific publication in international periodic scientific journals;

·         Edition, which is indexed in international scientometric databases (each author receives a link to his article in the RISC database);

·         Approbation of scientific results.

The next conference will take place on 25-26 February 2016 – II International Scientific and Practical Conference «Innovative Technologies in Science» (Dubai, UAE).

Deadline for articles application – up to 26.02.2016

Detailed info at link: