Meeting of Erasmus Mundus Alumni Club of consotria eAstana

On 17 November KIMEP University will celebrate International Students Day. Department of International Academic Mobility will take this
opportunity to arrange a meeting of ERASMUS MUNDUS ALUMNI CLUB of consotria eAstana, MARCOXXI, EACEA, CANEM.

The plan is as follow (on the top of International Students Day):

1) 3-4 pm: We would like to gather alumni (students, faculty and admin staff) in office 409| Dostyk buliding to become acquainted to each
other, discuss future Club’s activity, Charter, etc.

2) ~ 4.15 – 4.45 pm: I would like 2 KIMEP alumni and 2 alumni from other universities to make presentations for 5 min each about the impact of
the program and participation on hisher career, further studying, network, life. About host university, with pics. What is the advantage
of European education by their opinions? What does it mean – to be mobile? Will they advise to study in Europe?

3) 4-6 pm: during the whole celebration there will be a booth, representing Erasmus Mundus alumni – I would like them to bring leaflets
(success stories), booklets, pics, flags, etc – whatever they will bring with them or you will give them. I can print out if you send me your
leaflets about successful stories, scanned copies of articles in Newspapers, etc.

This is a part of your dissemination activity and sustainability of the program after the funding ended up!

Please inform ALL your alumni about this event which will be held at KIMEP ON 17 NOVEMBER FROM 4 – 6 PM IN FUN CLUB. Those who will be in
Almaty that time or work in Almaty, or by any other reasons will be in Almaty – please encourage them to attend and participate as contribution
and gratitude to the program and our efforts we did for them as well.

Preliminary agenda for the International Student Day and Erasmus Mundus Alumni Club meeting:

4.00 – 4.10 Welcoming speech. Dr. Landis (VPAA)
4.10 – 4.20 Student performance, “Amanat” Kazakh instrument group
4.20 – 4.50 Erasmus Mundus Alumni Club presentations (Elmira will make Introduction for 5 min, following by 4 prezi by 5 min)
4.50 – 5.40 Exposition of international students booths (info materials, national cuisines, degustation of dishes) and Erasmus Mundus booth, KIMEP tea party
5.40 – 6.00 Games

Please let me know who will participate: names, EM host university, email, mobile.