International youth day on Aug 12 at UN in Astana

What: Meeting with Youth at the UN on International Youth Day

When: August 12, 2014; 3-6 p.m.

Where: Bokey Khan st, 26, UN conference room, 2nd floor

On 1999, the UN passed a resolution declaring August 12 as International Youth Day.

Therefore, this year the UN in Kazakhstan is organizing a meeting with English-speaking youth to present our past and present work with youth, our scope of activities and possible opportunities in the future. We plan to have 3-4 UN agencies present their respective works, have Q&As after each presentation and then have hors d’oeuvres at the reception after. We would be happy to see interested students at the UN building on Bokey Khan st 26 at our large conference room on the second floor.

In order to ensure effectiveness of the meeting, we would like to request the following information from students:

1. Name. First & Last.

2. School

3. Age

4. Cell phone number

5. Email address

Please note that all attendees should have their state IDs or pasports with them to pass through security. For more information please contact me at my cell: +7701 761 3100, and work phone number: 59 13 17

after Aug 7, please contact Ji Hyun Yang at 696 544, ext 2253, or at for more information. Please note that she does not speak Russian.