Science yesterday, today and tomorrow

Collection of the conference “Science yesterday, today and tomorrow” – August 27, 2014

The purpose of publishing the collection of articles: Publication of research results and practical developments of scientists, professors, doctoral candidates, graduate students, students and other interested parties on various branches of science.

Languages: Russian, English.

Main Sections:

Section 01 Physical and Mathematical Science
Section 02 Chemical sciences
Section 03 Biological sciences
Section 04. Geological and mineralogical sciences
Section 05. Engineering
Section 06. Agricultural sciences
Section 07. Historical Sciences
Section 08. Economics
Section 09. Philosophical sciences
Section 10. Philology
Section 11 Jurisprudence
Section 12 Jurisprudence
Section 13 Medical sciences
Section 14 Pharmaceutical sciences
Section 15 Veterinary Science
Section 16 Art History
Section 17 Architecture
Section 18 Psychological Science
Section 19 Social sciences
Section 20 Political Science
Section 21 Cultural Studies
Section 22 Earth Sciences

Paper Submission Requirenments:

1. Submit your paper and form strictly in accordance with the requirements.

2. Send following materials up to 27 August 2014 inclusive, on

а) paper written and formalized according to the requirements;

б) form;

в) scanned or photographed copy of the receipt.

The registration fee for each page of the article is 90 rubles. (for foreign participants – $ 5 per page). Fee covers the costs associated with printing a collection of articles and postage. If you need an additional copy, you will have to pay 200 rubles. (for foreign participants – $ 12).