Postdoc at NUST «MISIS»

1. Grant competition title: Open international NUST «MISIS» grant competition to support young scientists with international background to conduct joint researches in a scientific research area for two years

2. The grant competition objective is to: Identify, in accordance with the established procedure, those applicants, who have applied for a NUST «MISIS» grant to support the best research activities in one of the following areas:

  • Biomedicine; 
  • Nanotechnology; 
  • New materials; 
  • Information technology; 
  • Metallurgy and mining.

3. Obligations of the Grant competition winners: . Not less than 4 articles (within 2 years) published in the peer review journals referenced in the “Web of Science” database;

Not less than 1 time per year: – lectures, workshops, training courses; – oral presentations at international conferences. . The declared research projects should not duplicate any ongoing research projects or research projects, completed in the previous period with the use of budget of other funds.

The requirements of this grant competition are further detailed in the grant competition documentation

4. Scope of Funding: Each NUST «MISIS» grant shall be in the amount of up to RUB 3.8 Million disbursed to conduct research for two years, starting in 2014.

5. Period of the Competition: – Starting from August – September 2014;

– Finishing in July – August 2016.

6. Requirements for the grant applicants: 6.1 Young scientists with PhD degree (received no later than 4 years before the application), who are actively engaged in fundamental and applied research on a high level, with a work experience with major research and development centers, and who have become awarded at scientific and technical conferences, workshops, schools, etc., in the areas, set out in clause 2, are eligible to apply for the grant.   

6.2 A young scientist should have publications in international peer-reviewed journals in the areas set out in clause 2;   

6.3 A young scientist should not be older than 35 years at the end of 2014; 

6.4 Each applicant may file only one application; 

6.5 Each applicant should have fluent English for writing scientific articles and communicating with NUST «MISIS» personnel. 

7. Application submitting: An application for participation in the grant competition should be filled jointly by a young scientist and research manager from NUST «MISIS». For choosing research manager according to scientific areas, use the following address:…

If you have problems with choosing research manager, inform us: Attention! In order to receive the application ID number for any grant, a form should be filled in. Upon filling in the Preliminary Data Summary, the ID number and a file with Forms in doc. format will be sent to the responsible person address. 

Deadline: The application should be filed before 12:00 Moscow time, June 16, 2014 

Contact Persons: Project Manager – Svetlana V. Chernykh 


tel. +7 495 638 46 29 

Address: Office B 107-111, OMNTP (431), Leninsky Prospect, 4, NUST MISIS, Moscow, 119049