Lectures of Visiting Professor Stephen Bird-Pollan, University of Kentucky (USA) on political philosophy

Dear teachers, graduates and students of the Department of Philosophy, and who interested!

Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Social Sciences of ENU. after LN Gumilev invites you to attend a course of lectures of a visiting Professor of University of Kentucky (USA) Stefan Bird-Pollan.

Theme of the course: “Political Philosophy”.

Lectures will be held from 12 to 24 May 2014 in aud. №215 (FSS building).

Lectures time: 14:00 – 17:00.

Teaching activities:

12/05 – Hobbes, Leviathan (lecture/seminar).

13/05 – Kant: Introduction: “What is Enlightenment”, Critique of Pure Reason (lecture/seminar).

14/05 – Kant: Moral Philosophy I: The theory of the rational will, Critique of Practical Reason (lecture/seminar).

15/05 – Kant: Moral Philosophy II: The Highest Good, Critique of Practical Reason (lecture/seminar).

16/05 – Kant: Philosophy of History, “Idea for a Universal History with a Cosmopolitan Purposes” and “Perpetual Peace” (lecture/seminar).

17/05 – Hegel: Philosophy of Right: “Introduction” (lecture/seminar).

19/05 – Hegel: Philosophy of Right: “Abstract Right” (lecture/seminar).

20/05 – Hegel: Philosophy of Right: “Morality” (lecture/seminar).

21/05 – Hegel: Philosophy of Right: Ethical Life I, “The Family”, “Civil Society” (lecture/seminar).

22/05 – Hegel: Philosophy of Right: Ethical Life II, “The State” (lecture/seminar).

23/05 – Rawls, A Theory of Justice, part I (lecture/seminar).

24/5 – Rawls, A Theory of Justice, part II (lecture/seminar).

We invite all interested persons to visit this course of lectures.