April 22 – Seminar “Kaizen. Lean manufacturing. Thrifty office in the field of education”

Seminar “Kaizen. Lean manufacturing. Thrifty office in the field of education” will be organized in the 303 audience of educational administrative building of the ENU at 9:00am on April 22.

The aim of this seminar: propaganda for philosophy Kaizen / Lean Manufacturing / Lean Office in the non-manufacturing sector, for example in the field of education.

To recall that Kaizen philosophy focuses on continuous improvement of production processes, development, support business processes and management, as well as all aspects of life. “Kaizen” in Japanese language exactly means “continuous improvement.” Japanese invention of Kaizen – it is only a mental characteristic reborn subsequently to reliable management philosophy.

The seminar program

Initially the philosophy of Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing tools were designed to directly optimize production processes. I.e. focus group these are production manufactories. But international experience and practice have shown that the philosophy of Kaizen and its application tools equally effective in administrative offices, where there is no production processes. As a consequence, the main basic tools have been adapted to optimize administrative processes in non-manufacturing sectors. Result: Kaizen philosophy successfully implemented in educational institutions, government agencies, etc. Already there are instances when the structure and operation of certain states based on the principles of Kaizen philosophy.

Advantages of “Lean Office” in educational institutions:

1) Construction of administrative processes;

2) Understanding of the “product” and its value to the consumer;

3) Effective communication and relationships within the organization;

4) Alignment algorithm of the adoption of objective and rational decisions for the management;

5) Determination of the effectiveness of the organization and analysis of best practices to achieve them.

Target group: top and middle management of educational institutions, government organizations and enterprises in the service sector, Professorial and teaching staff of the university, developers of scientific projects for Startup zone (Innovation Park of the ENU).

Preliminary program of the seminar:

1. Introduction to the philosophy of Kaizen / Lean Manufacturing.

2. Relation between Kaizen and QMS.

3. 5S as a basic tool of lean manufacturing.

4. Thrifty office in the educational sphere.

5. Questions to the consultants.

For registration please contact the Office of Technology Commercialization of the ENU by tel.: +7 (7172) 709493 (ext.: 31415, 31414, and 31409).

Seminar program