St. Petersburg University invites foreign citizens, stateless persons, and compatriots residing abroad to study at its faculties and departments

St. Petersburg University (SPbU) is one of the leading traditional universities in Russia. It has a special status of a federal university and is an active participant in the international academic process. The internationalisation of education and research as well as the export of educational services is one of the top priority tasks facing St. Petersburg University today. This has been stated in the SPbU Strategic Plan 2020 approved by the Resolution No. 1696-p issued by the Government of the Russian Federation on 7 October 2010.

Foreign citizens, stateless persons, and Russian citizens residing abroad have an opportunity to study at SPbU on both the fee-paying (contractual) and the government-funded basis (scholarships sponsored by the Russian Government). Admissions to the latter are limited by the quotas set in the Russian Government Resolution No. 891 “On Establishing an Education Quota for Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in the Russian Federation” issued on 8 October 2013.

The competitive selection of entrants who will receive government-funded education at SPbU in 2014 will be organised by the University itself as well as by the offices of the Rossotrudnichestvo Federal Agency (or Russian Embassies) abroad. All relevant information concerning admissions organised by the University will be published on the Admissions Committee website at in March 2014.

Admission to study on the fee-paying (contractual) basis requires good results at the admissions tests. The entrant should either come to SPbU in person or take admissions tests on-line, when applicable.

Compatriots residing abroad can also participate in the competition for government-funded places on equal terms with Russian citizens. The status of a compatriot residing abroad is determined by the Federal Law No. 99-FZ “On the State Policy of the Russian Federation Concerning Compatriots Residing Abroad” issued on 24 May 1999.

SPbU provides everyone with the opportunity to achieve their intellectual potential. Any of you can receive higher education at SPbU and build a successful career. We are open to your ideas, talents and skills. Welcome to St. Petersburg University!