International conference “Science and education – a key factor in the development of modern society”

On April 25, 2014, the Central Kazakhstan Academy hosts international conference “Science and education – a key factor in the development of modern society”.

Conference languages – Kazakh, Russian and English;

Thematic directions which will be covered:

Section 1. Perspective areas of the development of international and national legislation.

Section 2. Economic aspects of innovation development of modern society.

Section 3. Contemporary problems of modern philological research.

Section 4. Contemporary aspects of social sciences and humanities.

Section 5. Problems of development of innovative technologies in education and science.

Participants can offer reports on other related topics.

The Conference will be attended by the domestic and foreign scholars, practitioners and doctoral students.

Papers will be published before the conference.

The registration fee is 2500 KZT.

Deadline: 31.03.2014

Please, send a registration form (attached herein) filled and electronic version of your paper to the organizing committee. The organizing committee has the right to decline paper not meeting requirements.

Organizing Committee: Zhuzbaev Baurzhan Tokenovich, Minzhanova Ainura Baketovna

Tel.: +7 (7212) 475013, fax: +7 (7212) 478007, +7 701 2994648, +7 700 3362884;


Address of the Committee: Republic of Kazakhstan, Karaganda, 1000009, Pichugin str., 259, Central Kazakhstan Academy;

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