31 January – meeting with the speaker in the field of entrepreneurship Jeff Hoffman (USA): “Energy and attitude – Motivation to achieve your dreams”

On January 31, a unique meeting will be held in the auditorium 821 of the academic and laboratory building:

Speaker in the field of entrepreneurship, Mr. Jeff Hoffman (USA), will visit the ENU. He will give speech on “Energy and attitude – Motivation to achieve your dreams.”

Duration of the meeting: from 60 to 90 minutes

At the end of the report the audience will have the opportunity to ask interested questions to Mr. Jeff Hoffman.

Starting time: 14.00 pm.

Jeff Hoffman is- a serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Priceline.com, uBid.com & Colorjar. He has passed the way from his first small startup in student years to work with the White House, the presidential administration, the U.S. State Department, U.S. Department of Commerce to support the business activities and economic development worldwide. He also conducts a regular column about innovation and entrepreneurship in the journal Inc. Magazine.

Biography of Jeff Hoffman

A little from his speeches:

“A person who sees a problem and wants to solve it himself, says, “I know”, “I do”, is an entrepreneur. Businessmen want to do something by themself! Money, business are only tools. Being an entrepreneur – it means to be a designer of changes. This is not an end in itself – to be an entrepreneur, this is the shovel that you use to build a road to the future.”

“What some consider your flaws, others – esteem. Just baseball players hit the ball with one force and golfers – with other. Surround yourself with the same people as you … With the same goals and aspirations. Environment plays a huge role, do not sit at a dinner at the table with the same friends for years, drive around the world, and get acquainted! This gives rise to new ideas and actions!”