National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic to support mobility

Applications for the scholarship are applied online:

Accommodation expenses are also covered by the Scholarship:

  • Foreign university students on academic internship at the university in Slovakia (1-2 semesters) during the Master programs;
  • Graduate students of foreign universities/research organizations for the educational/scientific internship (1-12 months) at the university/research institution that has the right to carry out post-graduate program in Slovakia during graduate studies.
  • To University professors, researchers and workers in the arts of foreign universities/research organizations, realizing lecturing, scientific internships, or internships in the arts at the university, a research organization that has the right to implement a program graduate, or non-governmental organization with the right to exercise R&D in Slovakia (1-12 months).

Applications are accepted:

Till 16.00 pm on April 31 – internships for the next academic year;

Till 16.00 pm October 31 – internships for the summer semester of the current academic year;

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