Republican Competition of Scientific Papers in Political Science, dedicated on the Day of the First President

Purpose of the contest: study of topical problems of modern policy of Kazakhstan, key issues in modernization of the state and regional policies, the role of the Leader of the Nation in the development of modern Kazakhstan.

Participants of the contest can be high school and university students. Works in political science, never published before are accepted to the contest.

Period of the contest:

The contest is an annual event. Deadline for works submission: from November 7 to November 28, summarizing – from November 29 to December 1.

Address of the Organizing Committee and sending the contest work

Tests are to be sent by e -mail:, Please indicate in the subject “Competition in Political Science-2013” and last name. The text of the work must be contained in the attached file.

Coordinator of the competition:

Dana KOPEZHANOVA Edigeevna

Tel.: +7 701 5204740

Information Letter