Win a grant for the summer internship at a laboratory in the U.S.!

Research and Education Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation announces a competition for five grants to have scientific internships at laboratories in the U.S. for the 2-3rd year students with technical and natural sciences majors enrolled in higher education institutions of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan citizens.

If you are:

· 2-3rd year student at Kazakh university;

· Your specialty – natural scientific or technical;

· You dream to enter the PhD program at leading foreign universities;

· You have a specific research projects and achievements in this field;

· You want to do research and will be able to prove it

You have a chance to get:

· Expert support and assistance of scientists from Kazakhstan, working in the United States;

· To train and have appropriate preparation for admission;

· To enroll in one of the selected by the internship programs;

· Grant and go for an internship in the U.S. for the summer 2014;

For this it is necessary up to 30.11.2013:

Fill in the application form for participation in the program (application);

Send the following documents:

– A copy of the identity card;

– A copy of the student’s record book (all sessions);

– A copy of a high school diploma with insert;

– Copies of diplomas, certificates and competitions of scientific works;

– An essay on the topic “I need a PhD degree to …”;

– Recommendation of university Rector or Vice-Rector;

Application with all the documents should be sent to the office of the Fund:

BC Nurly Tau, unit 4b, Office 703, Almaty, 050059;

Tel.: +7 727 349 40 04, +7 727 349 40 05;,

Please call the following contacts to verify that your application is received:

Tel.: +7 727 349 40 04, +7 727 349 40 05;

The results of the first stage implementation for the selection will be known on 01.12.2013;

For more details about the Summer Internship Program of Research and Education Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation please visit:

About the program