International Scientific and Correspondence Conference “New Industrialization: philosophical, economic, social, environmental and political aspects”

The university professorial and teaching staff, administrative personnel, Doctoral and Master students, scientists and specialists of enterprises and organizations can take part in the international scientific and correspondence conference”New Industrialization: philosophical, economic, social, environmental, political aspects”. The organizer of the conference is the Eurasian international scientific and analytical journal “Problems of Modern Economics” (Russia, St. Petersburg).

Main directions of the conference work: education, economy, natural, humanitarian, social and technical sciences.

Sent articles will be published as collection of the International Conference materials and with the participant certificates will be sent to the authors, as well as will be available in electronic form on the,

All materials are provided in Russian language.

The Collection will be assigned the international ISBN of Book Chamber of the Russian Federation with the output data of the journal “Problems of Modern Economics” with mandatory distribution to the RSL (Moscow), RNL (St. Petersburg), as well as other leading libraries of the Russian Federation.

Application forms for the publication of articles are accepted until June 30, 2013 by e-mail:

Full information about the rules of registration and payment of registration fee (14,000 KZT) can be obtained at the following contacts in Almaty: +7 (727) 3131038, 7707 3799439, e-mail:

Information Letter