On June 28, the International scientific and practical conference “Mass media.Power. Society” will be held at the ENU

On June 28, the International scientific and practical conference “Mass media Power Society” dated forthe anniversary of the famous state and public figure ShalakhmetovGadilbekMinazhevichwill be held at the ENU.

On June 9, 2013,the 70th anniversary of the well-known public and state figure, poet, journalist, former Chairman of State Radio and Television of the Kazakh SSR, the first head of the Press Service of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the founder and Head of the “Mir” MTRC in Moscow, the Deputy of the MajilisParliament of the RK of the 3rd convocation and now – the Head of the Department of Radio and Mass Media of the ENU, Shalakhmetov will be celebrated.

Participation of more than a dozen well-known public and state officials from foreign countries (Russia, USA, France – UNESCO, Singapore, Bulgaria, Lithuania, etc.) is expected to attendthe conference.

To participate in the conference journalists, historians, political scientists, anthropologists, sociologists, philologists, members of scientific institutes, television channels, archives, libraries and museumsare invited.

The goals of the conference:

· Analysis of trends and determination the prospects for media, authorityand society interaction at the present stage;

· Synthesis of experience gathered for functioning of electronic mass media;

· Analysis of the actual issues of the media development;

· The role of mass media in creating peace and harmony among ethnic groups, etc.

The conference promotes the exchange of ideas, values, researchresults among scientists, managers of companies, non-governmental organizations, journalists, and politicians in the mass media.

Working languages: Kazakh, Russian, English, etc.

To participate in the forum is required before June 1, 2013 to send the application form on participation by the proposed form and text of the reportto the organizing committee.

Please send reports to e-mails:forum_70_year@mail.ru, 09061943@mail.ru

Address of the Organizing Committee: 5, str. Munaitpassov,the Eurasian National University Kazakhstan, 010008, Astana

Contact persons:

DaniarKAUSYLOV Altynbekovich +7 (7172) 709513, +7 (7172) 709500 (ext.: 31105)

Raushan KOZHAGELDIEVA Zhanabaevna +7 (7172) 709483, +7 (7172) 709500 (ext.: 31350)