the Eighth International Scientific Conference for students and young scientists “Science and education -2013”

Тhe Eurasian national university welcomes you to participate in the Eighth International Scientific Conference for students and young scientists “Science and education -2013”, which takes place on the 10th of April, 2013.

The conference will include the following sections:

Section 1. Natural sciences. Subsections: 1. Mathematics. 2. Mechanics. 3. Information Technology. 4. Physics. 5. Chemistry. 6. Biology and Biotechnology. 7. Geography. 8. Environmental Protection.

Section 2. Engineering Sciences. Subsections: 1. Architecture and Design. 2. Construction. 3. Transportation. 4. Future power industry.

Section 3. Law. Subsections: 1. Public Law. 2. Private Law.

Section 4. Knowledge and professional skills – key reference points of a modern education system, preparation and retraining of personnel. Subsections: 1. Actual problems of pedagogics and psychology. 2. Kazakhstan in context of imperial and Soviet policy. Independent Kazakhstan. 3. L.N.Gumilev’s heritage and modern historical science. 4. Philosophy. Culture. Religion. 5. Actual problems of modern sociology. 6. Physical culture, sports and health of students.

Section 5. International relations. Subsections: International Relations and Regional Studies. Oriental Studies and Turkology. Lingua Cultural Studies.

Section 6. Philology. Subsections: 1. Kazakh Linguistics. 2. Russian and Comparative Linguistics. 3. Literature Studies. 4. Foreign Philology. 5. Translation studies.

Section 7. Journalism and Political science. Subsections: 1. Actual problems of modern journalism. 2. Present of political science.

Section 8. G-global: Integration of sciences in searching of world problems’ solutions. Subsections: 1. A Single World Currency. 2. Project of country PR. 3. The best anti-crisis recommendations for G20 countries.

Information letter 

Application for the participation in the conference