Till April 16th applications for participation in the International Conference “Actual problems of improving the legislation within the framework of “Kazakhstan – 2050″strategy implementation are accepted

International Scientific and Practical Conference by absentia “Actual problems of improving the legislation within the framework of “Kazakhstan – 2050” will be held on 17-19thApril in the distance format.

The working languages of the Conference are Kazakh, Russian and English.


1. Administrative law and procedure.

2. Actual issues of counteractionagainst general crime.

3. Actual issues of counteraction against crimesin economic field

4. Actual issues of counteraction against crimesof corruption-bearing character.

5. Civil and arbitration process.

6. Civil, housing and family law.

7. Land and environmental law.

8. Information law.

9. History of State and Law of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.

10. Constitutional Law.

11. Constitutional justice.

12. International law.

13. Municipal law.

14. Law of foreign countries.

15. Legal basis for public and municipal services.

16. Law enforcement agencies.

17. Business law and the legal framework of bankruptcy.

18. Comparative constitutional law.

19. Insurance, health, educational law and notaries.

20. Theory of State and Law.

21. Labor law and social security law.

22. Criminal law.

23. Financial law and financial policy.

24. Problems oflegal philosophy.

25. Legal psychology.

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