Education in the scope of exchange in Turkish Universities for the spring semester of 2012-2013 academic year

In the network of signed agreements between the ENU and universities of Turkey a Student Exchange Program was openedfor the spring semester of 2012-2013 academic year.

Within the limits of these agreements placesare allocated:

the Kocaeli University – 4 places;

the Izmir University – 2 places.

Students can study by exchange in the above universities for a semester or academic year. Students participating in the exchange shall be exempted from payment of tuition and other academic fees at the host universities.

Financial conditions:

* Free studying

* A student shall pay flight, visa and other expenses associated with accommodation himself.

Required documents:

– Questionnaire

– Passport copy

– Nomination of the Dean (in Russian and English languages)

– A motivation letter (in Russian and English)

– 2 recommendationletters (in English)

– Application from the studying place (in Russian and English languages)

– Transcript (in Russian and in English with notary certified translation)

– CV (in English)

– Certificate of English and Turkish languagesproficiency

Specialties at the KocaeliUniversity – Izmir University:

– Oriental studies – architecture

– Mathematics – Foreign languages

– Fine Arts – Mathematics and Computer Science

– Philosophy – International Relations

– Psychology – Economy

– Natural Sciences – Political Science

– Law – Law

– International law – IT

– Economics – Tourism

– Architecture and Design – Engineering

– Engineering – Science

– Journalism – Social Sciences

All documents must be supplied before December 10thto the Department of International Education Programs (office #403, main building of the ENU).

Please contact OMOP foradditional information.

Tel. +7 (7172) 709-490, 31-405