The 12th Workshop of the Institute of Physics and High Technologies on “Research of Schoolchildren on Nanotechnology”

Time: 20 October 2012, at 10:00

Location: Astana, Palace of Schoolchildren, Rm. 416

Presentations by members of the Laboratory of Nanotechnology of the Palace of Schoolchildren in Astana:

Zhenis Zhanar, 10th year, School “Zerde”

“Methods of producing synthetic precious stones”;

Darush Nұrzhanat, 10th year, School “Zerde”

“Contemporary Atom-Energy Microscopy “;

Serіk Akіmbek, 10th year, School № 3

“Future of exploitation of Polisamo products in industries of Kazakhstan “;

Serik Dinmuhammed, 9th year, School № 3

“The planetary centrifugal mills”;

Zharylkasyn Olzhas, Abdullauly Abdіbek, 10th year, School “Zerde”

“World of net automatics”;