On the 18th of October the International sociological seminar «Sociology: new calls and prospects» will take place

The Kazakhstan sociology which has celebrated recently the twentieth anniversary, was included into that age where within the limits of transient human life traditionally connect with the period of “the big years» or the beginning of independent life, assuming that the base of the future achievements is formed these years.

Success of the period “the big years» depends not only on our activity during this period, but also from that with what luggage we have entered into this period and how adequately we can estimate contents of this luggage.

Organizers of the International sociological seminar suggest discussing this question: «Sociology: new calls and prospects».

The seminar will take place on the 18th of October, 2012.

The campus of Faculty of social sciences of L.N.Gumilyov (6 Yanushkevich st.), aud.106.

Within the limits of a seminar the work in following directions is planned:

1) Kazakhstani sociology as a science (in domestic sociology there are two opinions about it: the first consider that the Kazakhstani sociology overcomes the “empirical” period, opening open spaces for methodological generalizations, others – estimate sociology as the enterprise incapable to create something bigger, than simple empirical descriptions. What is in reality with the business of Kazakhstani sociology as a science ?);

2) Kazakhstani sociology as discipline (within the limits of the given direction it is suggested to consider influence of transformation of educational system on discipline teaching, whether it will promote integration or, on the contrary, to sociology decomposition);

3) Kazakhstani sociology as a trade (today in public opinion the image is fixed to sociology there is nobody the tool, the tool unscrupulous and engaged, sociology formation as a professional field of activity is the major question of a science).

Also during a seminar the debatable platform under the name «My profession – the sociologist!» will take place with participation of youth leaders and authoritative Kazakhstani and foreign sociologists, during active discussion experts and young sociologists can discuss a problem of formation of the professional sociologist, share new views and ideas.

Seminar working languages – Kazakh, Russian, English.

At a seminar performances of leading sociologists of Kazakhstan and the far abroad are assumed.

Applications for the participation please send by e-mail: enu-sociology@yandex.ru

Contacts of the org. committee: sociology chair: +7(7172) 491667