Competition of photo works of students and employees «My Native land Kazakhstan»

On the 17th of October, 2012 the Faculty of natural sciences holds competition of photo works of students and employees «MY NATIVE LAND KAZAKHSTAN» dated to the 100 anniversary of L.N.Gumilyov.

The purpose: Demonstration and propagation of employment by natural sciences as means of spiritual, intellectual and physical development of the person.

Following the results of Competition the exhibition will be organized.

The exhibition will be held indoors of campus №3 CISI in the foyer of the second floor on the 17th of October, 2012 at the address: Astana, 13 Kazhymukan st.

In competition can participate all students, master’s students, doctoral candidates, teachers and employees of FEN ENU.

For the competition the prints of photos executed on photographic paper in any techniques of the press are accepted. From one author are accepted no more than 3 works. The recommended format of pictures 30 Х 60 cm. For each picture the electronic version provided. Prints of photos without electronic versions aren’t accepted. Electronic versions without photo prints for competitive consideration aren’t accepted.

On the back of each picture, not breaking the image (a simple pencil without pressing), legible are specified surname,name,father’s name (completely), the author, the work name, where and when the photo has been taken. Inscriptions are executed on Kazakh or Russian languages.

The works submitted for the competition aren’t reviewed and will not be returned. Applying of the works for the competition means the consent of the author with competition conditions. Participants of competition bear responsibility for authenticity of data on the author of works.

The photo-exhibition exposition is formed of competitive works.

Preparation of works for an exhibition is carried out by Organizing committee.

The competition organizing committee undertakes not to use a photo of participants of competition in commercial objectives without the consent with the author. The organizing committee reserves the right to itself to use photographic materials for formation of mobile exhibitions with authorship instructions.

Winners are defined in following nominations and genres: a reportage portrait, an etude, a landscape, a rare picture, flora and fauna, a city, a genre photo, the art decision, technics of shooting.

The organizing committee under the jury recommendation can change the list of nominations.

The general recommendations about selection of photos on the given competition:

1. It is likely to have in the shot presence of any action. Should be space in a shot where this action aspires or where participants of a shot look.

2. The colour balance should be (paints shouldn’t irritate and hurt the eyes).

3. Superfluous details in the foreground not always do a photo more interesting (leaves, branches, wires in the sky, dark stains of shades at bright solar illumination …)

4. The photo of people, «joyfully looking in a lens», doesn’t have any chances.


The jury defines winners a method of an expert estimation on following parameters:

· the general art expressiveness;

· the expressive means selected by the author and composition methods;

· Colour toned and colouristic decisions.

If, according to jury, within the limits of this or that nomination level of the presented works is insufficiently high, the winner in the given nomination will not be defined.

Winners of competition are awarded by Certificates and valuable prizes.

The best works will be published on the web site L.N. Gumilyov ENU and printed in the newspaper «Vestnik ENU». For participation in competition photo works are represented to Organizing committee and their electronic versions.

Materials are delivered till the 11th of October, 2012, to the address: Astana, 13 Kazhymukan st. campus №3 CISI office Museum of geology of to the teacher Daribay T.O. E-mail

The materials sent later, aren’t accepted.


For the participation in Competition of photo works of students and employees of faculty of natural sciences «MY NATIVE LAND KAZAKHSTAN»

surname, name, father’s name (completely) the author, quantity of represented works

Phone, mob., an E-mail