On the 23rd of October the 8th International scientific and practical conference “Recycling, processing of a waste and pure technologies” will be held

The wide range of questions, connected with energy saving, technologies, the equipment for processing of a waste, ecological safety and waste management, protection of environment.

With the support of:

– Department of environmental management and environmental protection of the Government of Moscow


– National council of the organizations in the field of the use of the production wastes and consumption

– Guild of ecologists

The list of the questions offered for discussion at conference «Recycling, processing of a waste and pure technologies» on the 23rd of October, 2012:

 – Recycling of industrial and household wastes.

 – Technologies of processing of a waste.

 – Integrated waste management.

 – Minimization of formation of a waste.

 – Use of a waste for products manufacturing.

 – Use of crow-bar of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

 – Industrial and sanitary cleaning a heat – air-gas emissions of the industrial enterprises.

 – Protection and soil rehabilitation against pollution.

 – Sewage treatment.

 – Complex technologies of utilization of cars.

 – Bio-energetics.

 – Use of a waste as an energy component of small energy.

 – Renewables.

 – Energy – and the cost-effective use of resources.

 – Control of the environmental pollution.

 – Industrial safety and labor protection when processing a waste.

 – Processing of a waste a tree – and the timber industry enterprises, the agricultural enterprises.

Organizer: FSUE “Institute “GINTSVETMET”

Address: 129515 Moscow, 13 Akademik Korolev st., 5th floor, conference hall

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