Berkeley Professor Michael Burawoy (University California, US) gives Master Class in Sociology in Eurasian National University 14-16 June 2012

Professor Michael Burawoy is a leading proponent of public sociology, renowned author, and a participant observer of industrial workplaces in countries around the world. One of famous and recognized modern scholar, he is current President of International Sociological Association (2010), and he was President of American Sociological Association in 2002-2005. In his Presidential speech he said that “Sociology — the best sociology — matters, not just for us but for others, too. The world needs sociology, a global sociology attentive to global issues.”

Michael Burawoy got recognition because of his works and ideas in economic sociology. He has long-term research experience in Africa, the Eastern Europe and Russia. He made a contribution to post colonialism, the state socialism and a problem of post-communist transition. He becomes well known for global academic community with his ideas on public sociology; recently he has shifted his professional focus to the academic workplace, exploring ways in which sociology is taught and applied to the public domain. How to teach sociology? How should academics think about implementation of social research in public domain? Defining modern sociology as the global science, Burawoy divides sociology into 4 spheres: public sociology, policy sociology, professional and critical sociology.

Professor Michael Burawoy has been publishing in academic journals with the impacts-factor (for example, “Contemporary Sociology”; “American Sociological Review” etc.). He has been editor and remained as a member of editorial boards of such journals with the impact-factor as “Theory and society”, “Work, employment and society”, “American journal of sociology”, “American sociological review” etc. He is one of the sociologists with high citation index; the volume of cumulative citing of his publications is more than 12000.

The master class of Professor Michael Burawoy will devote the idea of Research University and possibility of development the research university in Kazakhstan. Transition to the model of Research University supposes the dramatic growth of research activity, the total implementation of academic research in the university life and the full involvement of university staff in research activity. In addition to quantitative growth of research activity, the forming research university becomes the actuality of various problems connected with the combination of research and teaching activities and the transfer of research/teaching practices. These questions will be most important in lectures of Professor Michael Burawoy: how should we combine research and teaching activity? How to implement research findings in the teaching process?


14 June, 10.00-17.00 – “How I do ethnography?”

15 June, 10.00-17.00 – “How I do and teach theory?”

16 June, 11.00-16.00 – “How I think about Public sociology?”

It is a great honor for Sociology department of ENU to host such prominent Professor; we are inviting sociologists around the country to participate in the Master class.

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