Attention! To the students and the graduates of the military department of L.N.Gumilyov ENU

All students who are trained at the military department of the second year have been warned that those students who haven’t done medical board during the given dates, are subject to be discharged from the military preparation.

As of 23.05.2012 medical board haven’t passed:

Architecturally-building faculty:

1. Saparbekov Aslan Kanatovich – hasn’t arrived;

2. Tuimebaev Asyl Ualiuly – consists on the account physiatrist;

3. Tleubergenov Aidyn Serikovich – hasn’t arrived.

For the formation of the private affair for the assignment of a military rank “lieutenant” of the military department is carried out gathering of necessary documents for the students that have passed educational gathering and passed final examination in 2011.

University faculties have been notified about the collection of the documents for the formation of the private affairs with instructions of terms.

As of 23.05.2012 haven’t handed over a photo:

Economic faculty:

1. Mamanov Bauyrzhan Sakenovich;

2. Magdiev Altynbek Musulmanbekovich;

3. Narmaganbetov Bauyrzhan Askarovich;

4. Kelsbayev Sultan Myrzagalievich;

5. Kuandykov Bahytzhan Temirhanovich;

6. Smagulov Askar Ergaliuly.

Mechanic-mathematical faculty:

1. Mahanov Erkenai Samatovich;

2. Kabzhanov Bahtiyaar Baizhanovich.

Faculty of law:

1. Musayev Erzhan Erezhebayevich;

2. Ospan Sanzhar Galymzhanuly;

3. Stambekov Gani Muratovich;

4. Sinkevich Alexander Aleksandrovich;

5. Sagymbai Erkebulan Erkeshuly;

6. Sadykov Murat Kairatovich;

7. Umraliev Samat Amangeldiyevich;

8. Shalenov Esen Aldabergenuly.

Philological faculty:

1. Mukanov Daniyar Askarbekovich;

2. Habarov Maksat Samatovich.

Architecturally-building faculty:

1. Onalbayev Erzhan Uzakbayevich;

2. Kurmanov Manas Maratovich;

3. Kakim Daulet Talgatuly;

4. Suleimenov Bolatbek Saparaliyevich;

5. Sahov Kanat Nurlanovich.

Faculty of social sciences:

1. Orazbekov Meirambek Utegenovich.

Physic – technical faculty:

1. Kultazin Nurlan Muratovich;

2. Usengaliev Kaiyrbek Shaguanovich.

Faculty of information technology:

1. Kazutin Timur Yurevich.

The students who have not handed over a full package of the documents for the formation of a private affair, to the military rank “lieutenant” aren’t represented.