Eighth seminar of the Institute of Physics and High Technologies “What can and what cannot mathematics do?” will be held on April 17

The seminar will be conducted in conjunction with Mechanical-Mathematical Faculty.

Amazement before the capacity of mathematical research methods in the nineteenth century was expressed by Heinrich Rudolf Hertz who first proved James Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism: “You cannot help feeling that these mathematical formulas exist independently from us and have their own mind that they us wiser, even those who have them opened, and what we learn from them more than originally invested. The same admiration can be found in the words of Nobel Laureate of 1963 ‘s Eugene Wigner about “incomprehensible effectiveness of Mathematics”. The illusion was created that one can solve all research problems by means of the bare mathematics. Mathematical theoretical physics has been attempting to explain the origin of the theory of Superstrings and particle behavior for five decades. But the huge army of researchers from different countries on huge, fabulously expensive installations still has not been able to get any experimental evidence of this theory. They talk about the crisis in high-energy physics. There is even more fiasco in trying to build mathematical economics.

To understand the futility of these attempts, one must understand what can and what cannot mathematics do? Such a formalized and a workable model can be built only on the basis of previously developed meaningful theory, phenomenon laws. Comparison of findings with reality would confirm or deny the usefulness of both models and theories. Mathematics does not identify these laws. There is a need for other methods of cognition. The lecturer offers a way out of the impasse is widely advertised, but not the time-honoured mathematical programming, game theory, operations research at the example of his content search theory and rationale of optimal solutions.

Lecturer is a leading researcher of the Center “Kazakhstan studies”, “Turan-Astana” University Kairbek S. Nagumanov

Time and place: April 17, 04.00 pm, educational and administrative building (main building of L.N. Gumilyov ENU), Room 303.