Application of Documents for participation in the Conference «АКТУАЛЬНЫЕ ПРОБЛЕМЫ НЕПРЕРЫВНОГО ОБРАЗОВАНИЯ» (“Topical issues of continuing education”) is conducted until April

International scientific and practical Conference will take place on May 18 in Pavlodar.

Sections of the Conference are as follows:

1. Individual socialization and issues of education of modern continuous education system.

2. Use of innovative teaching technologies to form cognitive and social activity of students.

3. the problems of transition to 12-year education and training in the malokomplektnoj school.

4. Current issues of adaptation of children with disabilities in the education space.

5. Psychological-pedagogical problems of continuity and continuity of education.

6. Current issues of physical education in modern conditions.

7. Methodological work in the face of continuing education.

Cost of participation in the international scientific seminar certificate – 1500 KZT.