International Conference of students and young scientists «МИР НАУКИ» (“Science world”) will be held in Almaty on April 23-26

The Conference is devoted to the 20th anniversary of the State symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan, conducted by Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

Participation in the Conference is open to undergraduates, students and young scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan and CIS countries.

The Conference will examine current issues of various branches of modern science in three ways:

-natural sciences;

– humanities and social sciences;

-pedagogical science.

The reports of the theoretical, experimental and applied nature on various branches of science, and scientific inventions will be reviewed.

Conference working languages – Kazakh, Russian, English.

Within the framework of the Conference on 23 April will be held:

1. Open Days;

2. Round tables;

3. Scientific debate;

4. Workshops;

5. Public speaking competitions;

6. Exhibition;

7. Photo exhibition;

8. Simulation games;

9. Meetings with prominent scientists, policy makers, students of law;

10. Intellectual games, presentations, PR-agencies, etc.

Abstracts of proceedings of the Conference will be published in separate collections by branch of knowledge.