Conference “Role of measurement in security” will be held in the Reference Center of Astana on May 17, 2012

World Metrology Day is celebrated each year by the international metrological community on May 20, the day of the signing of “Metre Convention” in 1875, in order to attract public attention to the importance of metrology tasks carried out in all spheres of life. This year, the celebration is held under the motto “We measure for the sake of your safety”.

Security affects almost all spheres of activity and forms the basis of technical regulations establishing mandatory requirements for products, processes, as well as a wide range of tasks solved in any enterprise security. This Conference will highlight the various aspects of the role of measurement in security, or on the role of metrological service organization in addressing the challenges of security.

Speaking time is 7-10 minutes.

Start: 10.00 am.

Call for papers