3 April Seventh Seminar of the Institute of Physics and High Technologies on “Issues and Prospects of Kazakhstan’s Space”

The Institute of Physics and High Ttechnologies conducts seminars on the science and innovation management, and the role of mentality and cultural characteristics of the population in scientific and technological development.

The theme of the seventh seminar: “Issues and Prospects of Kazakhstan’s Space”. Lecturer-Member of Kazakhstan Cosmonaut Group Aydin A. Aimbetov

The seminar will be conducted in conjunction with the Department of Economic Theory.

You can get acquainted with the instructor’s biography here (http://www.astronaut.ru/as_kazch/text/aimbetov.htm?reload_coolmenus). Interview with an instructor can be seen here (http://www.zakon.kz/209011-ajjdyn-aimbetov-mog-stat-tretim.html).

Time and place: 3 April, 03.00 pm, L.N. Gumilyov ENU educational-laboratory building, Room 132.