Course “International labor law and employment law of the European Union”

Deputy Dean of the Faculty and head of the Institute for Labour Law, Vilnius University (Lithuania). Tomas Davulis delivers the course “International labor law and employment law of the European Union”. He is a member of the network of experts of the European Commission on the monitoring of the implementation of the labour legislation of the European Union, the author of the project of Lithuanian legislation implementing the directives of the European Union.

In the age of globalization, national legislation in many cases cannot be addressed without components, such as the international and European law. Today, an attorney who seeks to succeed in the legal work needs analytical and practical knowledge and skills to apply international and regional norms, ability to solve legal problems of an international nature.

The course “International labor law and employment law in the European Union” is designed to introduce you to the main provisions of the labour law of international organizations and, above all, to the European Union. The course includes the following topics:

international public employment law

international private labour law (conflict of laws)

formation and the stages of the development of labour law in the European Union

sources of labour law in the European Union. Principles of its application at the national level

the competence of the European Union in the area of labour relations

free movement of workers

the prohibition of discrimination and the promotion of equal opportunities in employment and work

regulation of the content of the employment contract (atypical forms of employment, the protection of the rights of workers in cases of mass dismissals and other change employers, etc.)

occupational safety and health and the protection of individual groups of workers

Each topic includes not only lectures but also solving the practical tasks