National Olympiad in Psychology and Social Work

The working languages of the Olympiad are the Kazakh and Russian languages.

The Olympiad takes place in two stages.

The first phase (from 1 March to 30 April): entries (an essay) are taken remotely on the same tasks posted on the website of the faculty.

The second (final) stage of the Olympiad (from 30 April to 15 May): at L.N. Gumilyov ENU (students who do not have the opportunity to participate in the competition here, can pass the second stage remotely).

The number of participants of Olympiad is not limited. In the second (closing) phase, all participants will receive a certificate, which show the best results on the decision of the Organizing Committee, and on the basis of the jury they will be awarded diplomas.

Entries (an essay) taken by e-mail

The candidates who choose and enter Eurasian National University, the Faculty of Social Sciences (majoring “Psychology” and “Social work”) winners of Olympiad are eligible for additional benefits on presentation of a decision of the Council of the faculty.

Young people, who have chosen subjects of biology and geography at UNT, the corresponding specialty «5В050300 – Психология», «5В090500 – Социальная работа» may participate in the Olimpiad. The results of the competition will be regarded when entering 1 course at ENU, in the manner prescribed by the rules of admission to ENU on the main educational programs of higher professional education.

Important: the participant must be registered in order to be admitted to the Olympiad.