POSITION of the Republican Olympiad on psychology and social work

The main purpose of the Republican Olympiad 11th grades, college graduates, young workers is to identify and develop young people’s creativity and interest in scientific research, psychological readiness for self-determination of life and choice of profession, disseminate and popularize scientific knowledge of psychology and social work among young people.
The working language of the Olympics is the Kazakh and Russian languages.
Olympics held in the period from 01 March to 29 April 2012 in two phases. The first stage from 01 March to 30 April: competition works (essays) are taken remotely for the same jobs posted on the website of the faculty.
The second (final) stage of the Olympic Games from April 30 to May 15: to be held in person in the ENU. LN Gumilev (students who do not have the opportunity to participate in the contest in person, it could be the second stage remotely).
The number of participants is not limited to the Olympics. In the second (final) stage, all participants receive a certificate that showed the best results on the decision of the Organizing Committee by presenting the jury will be awarded diplomas.
The final stage of conducting department of psychology and social work in their areas and in the home, including financing. Fee to participate in the first and second stage, the Olympics will be charged.
The Organizing Committee includes 10 members: the chairman, co-chair of scientific and pedagogical workers and specialists ENU im.L.N.Gumileva Faculty of Social Sciences (Appendix 1).
Organizing Committee of Olympic Games:
• sets of rules;
• provides a direct implementation;
• forming the committee and the jury;
• considers the composition of the jury, the appeal of participants and makes the final decisions on the results of their review;
• approve the list of winners;
• award winners;
• Scientific Council submits a report on the results of the last Olympic Games
• examines and evaluates the results of the tasks the participants
• considering the appeal together with the organizing committee members
• determines the candidates the winners.
To consider the tender committee shall work with the following information:
• Name of work;
• surname, first name, date of birth of the participant;
• ZIP code, complete mailing address;
• contact phone numbers (with area code) and / or mobile phone number;
• e-mail address;
• Name of educational institution (including city) and the class in which the participant is enrolled;
• address and telephone number of educational institutions, places of work;
• annual performance.
The participants of the Olympics! Do not forget to issue title page
Will be accepted competitive work (essay) by e-mail Psiho_prof@enu.kz
Essays (whose volume should be 2.5-5 pages of A4, excluding title page and bibliography). A requirement for works submitted to the contest, is to perform the work in the electronic (printed) form (font Times New Roman, 12, spacing 1,5).
To be determined winners based on the Olympics until May 10, 2012. Their number must not exceed 20 percent of the total number of participants. The winners are participants who have secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree. The participants of the Olympiad are awarded a certificate of participation, diplomas and memorable gifts.
The amount and rules design work
The work must represent responses to test items with the exact observance of this numbering and the number of possible correct answers, short answers (no more than ½ page) on the items proposed for consideration.
Submission of lists of winners of the Olympics, placing information about the winners and the medalist at the site of ENU im.L.N.Gumileva, www.enu.kz, carried out up to May 15, 2012.
When selecting or entering the Eurasian National University, the Faculty of Social Sciences at the specialty: “Psychology” and “Social Work” winners of the Olympics on the proposal of the decision of the faculty are eligible for additional benefits.
NOTE. In the Olympics involves young people who choose subjects UNT biology and geography, the relevant specialty “5V050300 – Psychology”, “5V090500 – Social Work.”Results of the Competition taken into account when applying for a course of ENU in the manner prescribed by the Rules of admission to ENU on the main educational programs of higher education.
NOTE: Participants must register in order to be admitted to the Olympics.