The Sixth Workshop of the Institute of Physics and High Technologies on the theme “What it means to correctly place the problem and why it is half its decision?”

The seminar will be held in conjunction with the Department of International Law of Eurasian National University on March 15.

The purpose of the seminar: learning scientific analysis, skills to set and determine solutions to scientific problems.

Throughout his life, people with varying degrees of awareness presents and solves the different problems and challenges: personal, academic, scientific, industrial, etc. It is amazing, but even the scientists minds don’t make a clear distinction between the concepts of “problem (issue)” and “objective (task)”; they are used as synonyms. In the meantime, this is a fundamentally different things! This confusion negatively affects the setting of the problem. Usually intelligence dynamics are directed from the problem to solve it.

In fact, this process has a complex structure and a methodological focus: methodological principles of a researcher is anticipating solutions to problems in its principled terms – the problem means refining solution. The most difficult thing is to correctly place the problem and its solution, as they say, is just a “case of technology”. As this is happening in a person’s life, it is explained on examples from different areas of human cognition, and activities.

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Start: 11.00 am.

Building 2, Faculty of Law, Room 412.