lectures by Professor of Tomsk State University of Architecture and Construction Lyudmila Lisitsyna are held at L.N. Gumilyov ENU

From 29 February to 21 March Lyudmila A. Lisitsyna lectures on “Foundations of the theory of luminescence of solids” to PhD students and masters of Eurasian National University, as well as consults PhD students.

L.A. Lisitsyna – TGASU Professor (Tomsk, Russia). She is known as experimenter-innovator in the study of radiation processes with high temporal resolution, which allow to obtain information about the processes of defect formation within a few nanoseconds after the end of exposure. Physicists recognize that Lyudmila A. Lisitsyna is a pioneer in this field of science. Using pulse spectrometer, Lyudmila began studying the processes of transformation of the stimulated radiation transformation of radiation defects. Currently she is conducting a series of studies on effects of radiation on optical properties of impurity dielectrics with different types of crystal lattice in the time interval from nanoseconds to several days.