“About fundamental driving force of nature, society and the meaning of life”: the fourth seminar of the Institute of Physics and High Technologies

The Institute of Physics and High Technologies conducts a series of seminars on science organization and innovation management, and also the role of mentality and cultural characteristics of the population in scientific-technological development.

The theme of the fourth seminar “About fundamental driving force of nature, society and the meaning of life”.

In an age of rapid development of biotechnology, genetic engineering, the idea of creating artificial intelligence researchers are still not sure, what life is and what the essence of man is. Moreover, some argue that modern science did not even purport to disclose these eternal and great mysteries. In fact, the use of the dialectical method in cognition of nature and society allows answering these questions. Life is a process of dynamic stability of biomacromolecules by extracting energy from the external environment. An animal extracts energy from the external environment within the physiological needs – necessary product. A man has managed to extract energy beyond their physiological needs, i.e. to produce redundant (surplus) product. This is the essence of a person, and he is different from an animal this way. The surplus product is the material base of spiritual and intellectual development of mankind. Genuine people are anyone who does not die! («Нет, весь я не умру…» , Alexander Pushkin). He creates a name for himself and remains in the memory of people forever. Deeper meaning of our lives lies in striving to achieve this.

The physical world is a manifestation of four fundamental interactions, electromagnetic, strong, weak, and gravitational. Carriers of these interactions are particles such as, the photon, Gluon, W +, W-, and Z0 bosons and graviton (hypothetically) respectively. In the world there is a competition for a biological product, physiologically necessary energy. A molecule of ATP is a carrier of this energy in the body, extracted from the external environment, this fundamental physiological interactions for wildlife. In the world of human there is the same struggle for excess product – for oil, metals, other natural resources and material and spiritual values. The source of the excess energy is capital (money).

Lecturer is a leading researcher in the Centre “Kazakhstan studies” at “Turan-Astana” University Kairbek S. Nagumanov

Time and location: February 20, 11.00 am. Engineering Building (TSISI), Room 316.