International Scientific-Practical Conference «Валихановские чтения – 16» (“Valikhanov readings – 16”)

Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University holds traditional “Valikhanov readings – 16” in Kokshetau from 26 on April 29, 2012.

The Conference will address current problems of various branches of science and sub-sections are as follows:

· Valikhanov studies.

· History, geography and ethnology.

· Philosophy, political science and sociology.

· General pedagogics.

· Psychology.

· Natural and applied sciences:

-Physics and MTP.

-Mathematics and MTM.

-Informatics and MTI.

-Chemistry and MTC.

-Biology and MTB.

· Philology:




-History of Literature.


· History and Theory of Arts.

· Economics:

-Economy sectors.

-Finance and credit.

-Economic theory and business.

· Agricultural science:

-Animal husbandry and veterinary medicine.

-Agro-environment and agricultural chemistry.

-Crop production and farming.

· Engineering:

-New technologies and building materials.

-Manufacturing engineering.

· Medicine.

· Jurisprudence and law.

· Ecology and environmental management.

· Tourism and sport.

Application and 2 copies of the report should be sent to the Organizing Committee before March 15.

Information letter