Visiting Professor Leonid Krasnov delivers a course of lectures on “Neutron physics” at L.N. Gumilyov ENU from February 6 to February 19

Leonid V. Krasnov, Professor of the Department of Nuclear Physics, Faculty of Physics, St. Petersburg State University, is invited to ENU, International Chair of Nuclear Physics, New Materials and Technologies, Faculty of Physics and Technologies, from February 6 to February 19, 2012, to lecture on the course “Neutron Physics” for students, master students, doctoral students and lecturers.

Area of scientific research of Professor Krasnov in recent years:

• Experimental study of isotopic effects in the outputs of the isotopes of hydrogen and helium from the target light and medium-sized atomic nuclei;

• Experimental study of formation of hyper nuclei of helium when interacting with the energy of several HeV protons with nuclear targets;

• Experimental study of reactions with Delta Isobar excitation recharging when interacting with the energy of a few HeV of tritium from nuclear targets;

• Calculation of characteristics of reaction of reloading with Delta Isobar excitation by method of statistical tests;

• Calculation of the characteristics of processes of fission by neutrons in a range of energies from heat to 200 MeV by method of statistical tests.

He completed the cycle of works on the study of direct nuclear reactions. During processing of the results obtained he participated in the establishment of calculation programs of such reactions to computer. At the time they were pioneer work as computing only started to be used in research practice. Further interests of L.V. Krasnov moved to study processes of fragment formation under interaction of high-energy particles with nuclei. The multi-channel spectrometer was built under his leadership for the registration of the products of nuclear reactions. This spectrometer was installed on the source synchrotron at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna and SPbSU completed the cycle of works on the study of nuclear reactions.

The results of his scientific activities are approximately 90 scientific works published in the prestigious journals with impact factor. Professor L.V. Krasnov supervised 9 candidate theses, and 3 doctoral dissertations.

Currently he lectures on courses: “Passage of particles through matter”, “Non-nucleon leves of liberty in nuclei” , “Neutron Physics and nuclear energy”, “Problems in modern physics of nuclei and particles”.

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