The Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies

The purpose of the International Scholar Exchange Fellowship is to enhance international exchange and cooperation in order to promote academic advancement and mutual understanding among various cultural groups. To this end, the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies supports academically qualified scholars who wish to conduct advanced research at leading universities or research institutions in Korea.

1. Fields of Research

• Humanities and social sciences

– Economics

-Business Administration

-Political science

-Public administration










Energy-related areas:

-Petrochemical Engineering

Information science and technology:

-Electrical engineering/electrical engineering


-Computer science

Natural sciences
• Energy related fields: petrochemical engineering and related fields
• Information science and technology: electrical engineering, telecommunications, computer science and related fields
• Life Science

2. Number of Supported Fellows

• Approximately 50 fellows per year

3. Requirements for applicants

-University professors and researchers from countries in Asia and the Middle East

The following people may not participate:

those who conducted the study in Korea

those interested in teaching in Korea.

4. Qualifications

• University faculty members and institution researchers from Asian countries
• Those who are 50 years of age or younger, as of submission deadline
• Those who have a doctoral degree

5. Period of study

* 1 year


* 6 months

-2012.9.1. – 2013.2.28


6. Application Materials

• Application form (Online application)
• Statement of Proposed Activity
• Three letters of recommendation (form provided by the Foundation)
• Typical research performance: 2 books, or 2 research papers, or 1 book and 1 research paper

7. Submission of the application

Applicants from countries in Asia must submit the form through the Korean Foundation of in-depth advanced studies.

8. Details of Financial Support

• 2000 USD per month 
• 900 USD after successfully submitting a final research paper at the end of the fellowship period
• Initial settlement support: 1,000,000 won (one time payment)
• Round trip airfare
• Medical insurance
– National health insurance upon request
– Overseas traveller’s insurance

9. Schedule

• Application deadline: February 25, 2012
• Announcement of results: March 31, 2012

10. Programme consists of

-access to the library

-use of training programmes for research

-Korean language courses

-cultural activities

-City tour

Contact Information

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